Florella Shop Tour

Within Nottingham City centre, from a small pink shop in the corner of aladdins cave, we style beautifully rustic bouquets and wedding flowers.  


We used old crates to build our flower steps, where our buckets are filled with fresh blooms. We provide a pick and mix service, in which all our stems are either one or two pounds, you can pick your own and then take them to the counter to be wrapped.  


We offer a carefully curated selection of plant pots, from vintage ink wells, bang-on-trend gold dipped pots and hand made macrame pot hangers. We spend a lot of time sourcing vintage and salvaged pots and props to either turn into plant pot or to offer as centrepiece vases for bridal flowers.  


As Florella mascots, we have Cedric and Mabel – flamingos we adopted from being forced to play the kazoo in Argentina. Since we adopted them, they spend their days keeping guard of our roses and being fed cheese, they have a much happier life with us at Florella.  



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