Nottingham Park Inn Wedding Fair / 21st Feb 2018

I’ve never been one for early mornings, and to me, anything before 11am feels early.

Floristry is full of early mornings – the wholesalers opens at 5am, and if you don’t get there first, all the prettiest blooms go! For weddings, you need to be up early to deliver, and before the shop opens, I need to prep my flowers for the day. A lotta early starts.

A wedding fair is no exception, and sure enough, my alarm went off at 6.30am. To me, Sundays are for lay ins, for roast potatoes, watching Friends reruns on Netflix and for pyjamas, not for working, so to get up and put a smile on takes real dedication!

After popping to the shop (Hopkinson Vintage, Arts and Antiques Centre) to photograph my wedding centrepieces and bridal bouquet for future reference, we loaded the van, drank coffee and headed through the snow to the Nottinghams Park Inn. I always get super nervous before a fair – it takes a lot to put your work on display. It’s something you’ve put your heart and soul in to, and to open it up for potential criticism is nerve wracking, as an already anxious person, I never get a great nights sleep before a fair.

Of course, once I get there and set up my table and the brides start coming through, those nerves soon dissipate and it’s not long before I’m wondering why I was so worried.

I think one of the nicest things about doing the fairs is the positivity – I’ve never had people be negative towards my work, and the lovely comments really do mean the world to me. When you’re someone that sometimes doubts themselves, positive feedback really does go a long way! I think the second best thing about the fairs is how inspired and passionate they make me feel after. I genuinely love chatting to everyone about their ideas and for days afterwards my mind is buzzing and fizzing with ideas and inspiration – it reiterates the passion I have for my work and for flowers.

Elizabeth and Dan Centerpieces 27292092_10215178714281931_673279234_n

I’ve exhibited with Whoop events before, and I can’t fault them. They even provide chocolate for us – who could complain! The fairs are always well attended and we come away with a good handful of bookings – despite technically being at work on a Sunday, they don’t feel like much of a chore.

Thanks to all the organisers and the Park Inn for a fab day, until next time! x

My wonderful partner providing dad jokes, coffee and moral support!

My wonderful partner providing dad jokes, coffee and moral support!


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